I could not be more proud to announce that our campaign has secured the endorsement of three major unions representing over 20,000 members in Greater Boston!

The endorsing unions are Sheet metal Workers Local 17, Teamsters Local 25, and Boston Carmen’s Union Amalgamated Transit Union Local 589.

The Teamsters Local 25 represent Bus Drivers, Carpenters, Custodians, Dock Workers, Flight Attendants, Hotel Workers, Housekeepers, Mechanics, Nurses, Social Workers, UPS Drivers, and many more working individuals in dozens and dozens of different professions. The Boston Carmen’s Union represents workers and operators on the MBTA, including the essential Mattapan trolley line. Sheet Metal workers have continued to build, repair, and maintain vital locations throughout the city and state. All are just examples of the essential workers we have relied on to get through the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

I am so grateful to receive the endorsements of Sheetmetal Workers Local 17, Teamsters Local 25, and the Boston Carmen’s Union. The members of each of these unions are essential frontline workers who have put themselves in harm’s way during the COVID-19 Pandemic helping our city and state continue to run. Their work and contributions to our state and it’s economy should never be taken for granted, in this challenging moment or in any other time. I will always fight for and stand with organized labor’s hard-working members at the State House.

Thank you,

Cam Charbonnier

Candidate for State Representative, 12th Suffolk District